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We provide accounting, financial and tax reporting services, as well as consulting in the field of commercial, tax and civil law.

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We implement the idea of ​​a new business venture legally correct, offer the choice of the most suitable taxation regime, help with the paperwork at the Public Services Agency, a bank, the National Statistics Bureau, CTIF, installation of a cash register, etc.



We carry out primary accounting (accepted and issued documents, invoices and payment orders, reconciliation statements, payroll and personnel management), submit reports (monthly, quarterly and annual), do bookkeeping restoration, conduct an inventory.



We offer drafting and proofreading of contracts (rent, leasing, sale and purchase), verification of tax risks and the legality of the planned actions, we guarantee a comprehensive study of the issue and confidentiality of the information obtained.

We know how your business should work!

About us

Sage-M Group SRL is a company which provides accounting, financial and tax reporting services, as well as consulting in the field of commercial, tax and civil law.

Our work is based on many years of accounting experience in various fields of entrepreneurship, confirmed by numerous certificates of participation in further training programs. We monitor the changes in legislation in a timely manner and offer the best solutions for your business.

Company specifics: start-ups, micro and small enterprises, number of employees up to 10 people.

Sage-M Group SRL


When having your accounting outsourced, there is no need to pay taxes on wages, vacations or sick leaves, purchase a special accounting program and maintain a workplace,


We do not burden you with unnecessary information or documentation, we take care of sorting and archiving. In addition, you can contact us at any convenient time, the answers to your questions will be clear and explicit.


In addition to guaranteed professionalism, higher education and expertise in accounting, we work with each client individually and objectively, we give an independent assessment of your situation.

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